The Hazare hysteria !

The Curtain Raiser !

The nation was barely out of  the Cricket World Cup hangover. Before the advent of the tournament India was battered and bruised by unprecedented levels of corruption. It would be startling to realize that all these right under the nose of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). The PMO’s office , they claim was in the dark about the greasing of the palms and nepotism. The fact of the matter is that they preferred to turn a blind eye towards these audacious acts. The CWG or the Common Wealth Games came back to New Delhi this time around and it was the right time for India to send out a loud and clear message to the rest of the world that they are more than capable of staging grand galas such as this. What panned out instead was a Himalayan level fiasco which tarnished not only the image of the nation but also the ruling coalition. The whole nation ate the humble pie. The amount dovetailed towards the construction and renovation of new stadiums and building innovative facilities promoting sports were instead dovetailed by the tainted officials at the helm of affairs. An investigation by CBI opened a can of worms. The investigation still is a work in progress. Some days the newspapers appear with headlines screaming that it has hit new roadblocks and sometimes they read that a new lead has been unearthed. Whatever is happening , the perpetrators are still gallivanting through the corridors of power in Delhi and the CBI seems in no haste to come down hard on them ! A veil of  uncertainty  continues to prevail !

KING’s 2G auction

The nation was barely out of the blues when the mother of all scams raised its ugly hood. This scam had cost the exchequer a whopping ONE LAKH SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND CRORE ! A lesser know minister who by the grace of lobbyists retained his post as the communications minister was in the news for all the wrong reasons. The ramifications of this scam were depressingly unimaginable. Following the leads , the CBI unearthed the obvious leads which lead to  more and more complicated webs of  conspiracies.  The ruling party’s coalition partner was the alleged beneficiary of the scam. Raja was just a pawn and outcries emanated from streets to nab the real conspirators. This investigation threw light on the pathetic state of Indian Politics which was just dancing to the tunes of lobbyists and business barons. The investigation veered from the not yet floated companies to the role played by the stalwarts from the media to the role of a lesser know Nira Radiia. The Prime minister under whose nose the whole conspiracy theory was staged , was largely unaware of the proceedings. More the CBI delved deeper into the case , the more panic it struck into the abettor’s mind. This was evident when Raja’s aide was found dead in his apartment committing suicide. Another kin of Raja succumbed to a heart attack. The coming days will see more such deaths and more demands to put Raja and the other wrong doers behind the bars.

Hazare takes the center stage.

The cricketers gave the nation something to cheer when India kissed the World Cup after a long wait of twenty eight years. It was a fair reason to transform the traumatic atmosphere into a convivial one. Dhoni and his men triumphed and a nation rejoiced. After the space grabbing news of the World Cup news disappeared, the news papers and news channels were working overnight reporting about a topi clad man in his seventies. He was in the news for staging an infinite hunger strike demanding the government to draft the JAN LOKPAL BILL. This man who goes by name Anna Hazare like all the other citizens of India has run out of patience for Graft and the corrupt politicians who run the country. Frustrated , he staged a peaceful protest to make the JAN LOKPAL BILL a reality and it grabbed the eye balls of not only the entire nation but the ruling government. Jantar Mantar was imbue with the presence of the protesters. Withing a matter of days the protest spread across the length and breadth of the country. The media too played its part by keeping the viewers in the loop regarding what was happening in which Indian town. The protest which emanated in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar , permeated swiftly into other metros making it a nation wide agitation against corruption. The online community too chipped in with what they could . Raising slogans, creating pages in Facebook, Twitter etc.

Eventually the mounting frustration from the public managed to grab the attention of the government. Anna Hazare ended his fast unto death on governments reassurance that the Jan Lokpal bill will finally come out of the shelves and see the light of the day in the coming monsoon session of the Lok Sabha. The job is half done.  A nation is all set to begin a new innings. Courtesy to Anna Hazare.


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