I did it ! and still wonder for what !!!

This is a lingering question. Lingering in the minds of  the love struck ones. How far will you go for your love ? or How far will you go to garner her attention ?  There are some who can surpass the limits and excite her , there are some who fall short of  her hopes and disappoint her and finally there are the ones who do things which they are just capable of. Now when I was struck by Cupid’s arrow , I easily fell into the final category simply because I was miserable at pulling off ……….. say a gem of an innings like Yuvi and later dedicate it to my sweet heart or say jump off a cliff aided by a parachute carrying the message that I love her unconditionally !

Now you may think that I am complacent or an iconoclast ! Err …… Not really ! I would rather settle with an option which would not hurt me or end me up in a hospital !


This is what I did exactly when I was in higher secondary! For a couple of minutes of admiration from her, I concocted something !!And guess what ?? It worked !!

A year was in its nascent stages. January was barely on when the principal walked into our class room. Turning my attention from her , I geared up  for his announcement since he had this really disgusting habit of inquiring students about what went past them just before ! He in his sober tone informed us that THE HINDU has an initiative called SCHOOL ZONE and it was my school’s turn to feature in the Young World this January.  Adding , he said that essays , poems , paintings are all welcome and went on to say that plagiarism is a no no.

A smile of arrogance crossed the lips of our English teacher who was a bystander to what was unfolding in our class. I deciphered it correctly unlike everyone. It conveyed the hidden meaning that “A class full of BAD SPECIMENS cannot deliver anything worthy or anything productive, Let’s move on to the next class (i.e. the science dept. or say the brilliant students !). Since V’s name featured among the top three ranks in the class without a hiatus , she was among the obvious choice of our English mam to contribute something.Me ? Yeah , I was rejected of-course !

Nope . I was not a GREAT STUDENT ! I was a defaulter by all means ! And my marks and ranks were as unpredictable as the vicissitudes of BSE SENSEX ! It went for wild swings ! My ranks oscillated between the BEST and the MEDIOCRE with equal ease ! Consistency was not my forte ! I was hot under my collar realizing the fact that other GUYS could easily strike long conversation with her ,but not me !!

The boys from the commerce batch had the dubious distinction of being the hooligans of the school. They were by and large BAD OMENS ! By looks I too was nothing but a bad omen for them. My attempts to strike a conversation with our ENG mam failed miserably. Thwarted , I decided to send a loud and clear message across ! I needed to prove a point to my Lady love and to the rest of the teachers.

That evening , immediately after returning home , I put on my thinking cap ! I sat myself down and tried to put some sense into my head and came up with this gem ! When I showed my end product to my English Teacher , all she asked was –  “did you really write this ?” When I nodded in the affirmative , she broke into her customary grin and said “Good work , You must write more”




Tryst with Nature !

Cruising along the roads of Kumarakom, Kerala , there is a dreamy experience in every turn that you make. I twas at one such turn that I discovered the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. It is also a popular tourist hotspot.

As we drove along the newly laid roads, hemmed in by dense vegetation, we came to a sudden halt. The road diverged near a field like a green carpet. At this juncture, I thought of Robert Frost’s oft – quoted poem. (Two roads diverged in a Yellow wood……)

Once we entered the sanctuary , which is part of a rain forest , sweat streamed down our faces. A guide was appointed take us around and we followed him faithfully.

I wanted to strike a conversation with him but he seemed like a tough guy. It was about to rain and , breaking the silence , our guide asked us to wear the raincoats we had been given.

As the journey proceeded through narrow roads, we saw many varieties of birds like barbets, nuthatch, sniipe and others.

After the rain stopped, we halted under a tree for a coupe of minutes. I removed my shoes and was surprised to see blood spots on my socks. To my astonishment , leeches were sticking to my legs. The guide just pulled them off.

Then came the spectacle we were awaiting eagerly. A huge falcon flew down and sat on a tree’s branch. It had large wings and strong legs. Colorful feathers and a long beak made it look impressive.

We were breathless at the sight of this majestic bird sitting just a few feet away from where we stood.

Soon it was over and the bird flew away just as suddenly as it came.

The countdown to return had begun and we went back by a boat through a narrow river. While we came back home, I thought of how we have so many wonders in Nature.

It also taught me the importance of looking after our natural treasures.



Psssssssssst ………To tell the truth , Not even a single word in this article is true ! I conjured this up with my imagination ! But then, Didn’t some one say “All is fair in Love and War”???? Lol !

I have never been to this sanctuary even though it is just a  stone’s throw away from my house in Kerala !

I visited it when I completed my +2 , and believe it or not it is more than what I have described in my essay !

ADULATIONS , CASH AWARD OF rs 200 from THE YOUNG WORLD and most importantly HER ADMIRATION ensued ! Lots of conversations, sweet nothings , exchanging platonic letters followed !!

From then on I started loving two things. SHE and WRITING ! I parted ways with the former but the latter is being loved still with an everlasting fervor !! Looking back , I still wonder for what did I do this ???? I was so foolish back then !!!


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