The new star on the block !

Express Avenue. The mall as always is abuzz with activity. The footfall seems to be heading north day in and day out. When I stepped into the premise of the mall , a crowd awaited me at the entrance. After taking a closer look , I realized that more than the teens or the adults it was the children who comprised the majority in the crowd. They were arguing incessantly with their parents for something. When I took a closer look, I realized that the cynosure of all eyes were not a celebrity or a cartoon character from the kid’s channel but a life size effigy of the ubiquitous , live wire ZooZoo. This egg headed character which the Vodafone unleashed during the IPL season 2 grabbed all eye balls and was a hit in no time.

The ZooZoo concept was the brainchild of Rajiv Rao who is associated with the ad agency Ogilvy and Mather, shot by Prakash Verma and produced by Nirvana Films. Coming together of great minds resulted in the creation of a great advertisement campaign.

The 3G technology has arrived in India and the mobile service providers were vying with each other for a slice of the 3G pie in the market. Vodafone’s campaign too was a subtle one which stood out for its nuances . The makers of the ZooZoo ad brought in a twist this time and introduced variations by making a 3G mascot out of the ZooZoo. They created a superhero out of the ZooZoo.

An ordinary ZooZoo casually walks into a telephone booth. When he emerges out of the booth , the viewers get to see the new ZooZoo man who travels at lightning speed , talks with the wind , stops bullets , rescues damsels in distress , locks horns with the lightning and what not !! All these antics were inspired by the Super Star down south – Thalaivar Rajinikanth !! The ZooZoo this time dawns a pitch black cape , a crimson symbol on the chest representing 3G and a black mask hiding his eyes. His antics perfectly conveyed the message across i.e. the Vodafone 3G is faster  !! After the initial ad , ZooZoo man was seen helping one of its kind to converse with his lady love in mid air. The hero carries his mate on his back and floats near the window of his mate’s lover’s apartment and they exchange sweet nothings. The message at the end of the ad says Video calls at economic rates. More were to follow as the IPL frenzy grew further. The ZooZoo was last seen catching up with Super hero friends in another planet. More is set to follow…….. And a nation is hooked ! His popularity is on the ascent. This fact emphasized by the ever growing number of fans on social networks .


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