Misadventures of a mall rat !!

Express Avenue – Seated on a bench at the atrium. This is when one realises the real power of one’s own eyes ! I can visualise the face of a gal even when she is as small as a dot ! Out of nowhere came a gal clad in Churidar ! Written all over her face was – I’m MALAYALI ! She crossed many guys. Her eyes conveyed that she was searching for someone. After almost scrutinising the atrium, her gaze fell on me ! A smile spread accross her lips !! I grew restless since it was directed at me ! I too tried to wear a smile althoug wondering WHY ? She veered from her path and was heading straight to me ! Gait so gracefull,Eyes so beautifull that I dared to think what if she chose me ! She went past me like a breeze ! Behind me was her guy waving and smiling at her !! I broke my heart momentarily ! Nevertheless I picked up the pieces and spotted another gal walking straight at me ! This time I looked behind me !!!


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