Lessons from 127 hours !

I should have posted this earlier albeit as they say “never too late”

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LESSONS from 127 HOURS !

Between the rock and a hard place !

1. When your kins dial you, Attend the calls ! Especially your Mamma !Don’t just sit back and do your own thing meanwhile they are guided to your boring voice message !

2. If you think that you are a “fucked up Super Hero who can survive on his own”, think again coz its a big mistake !!.

3. Never compromise on a Swiss knife when you venture out for an adventure ! Relying on cheap chinese imitations can bog you down !

4. Handycams and other essentials must be charged to the brink !

5. Gatorade must be inside your backpack than lying at the rear end of your SUV !

6. Never lurk alone even if you are a loner ! Have someone by your side ! Can be handy when trouble comes searching for you !!

7. The most vital of them all – LEAVE A NOTE for your kins whenever you go on an escapade ! You can expect a search party if you don’t make it home even after three days !

8. THE LEAST RECOMMENDED – Get hold of your cell phone ! If you have it , help is just a call away when you are trapped ! BEWARE – Your BOSS may dial you anytime and demand your presence in the office pronto !! (I’ll better do without it !)

9. If you DIDN’T FOLLOW THE ABOVE RULES and are trapped between the rock and a hard place then, Never let your hope and optimism desert you ! Hang on to that glimmer of hope ! You will see through the darkest hour of your life !! You will emerge out of the woods unscathed !(may be a hand will fall short !) !!


11. PLEASE DON’T WATCH A MOVIE WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY !! The pangs of hunger is a killjoy !!

The movie is worth a watch ! Hard to believe that the guy survived it !! Deserves a standing ovation !!


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