Its raining goodies down south ! Elections are in store !!

Now that the World Cup fervor is part of history , the country is feeling the Election heat. I am not fully aware of the milieu prevailing in the Northern part of the country but I am well aware of what is up and running down south especially the state of Tamil Nadu ! There are two big fishes in the TN pond. They have flexed their muscles this time around too to make sure one of them bite the dust and the other one emerge triumphant. Both the parties are leaving no stones unturned to canvass the voters. Unlike the tried and tested methods such as plagiarizing tunes from popular films and editing them with their party agendas and achievements or going for cash for votes South is witnessing something different. The sun is scorching in Tamil Nadu but it is raining. The only correction is that its not raining from the heavens but its raining goodies from the political parties.

This trend was trail-blazed by the CHANAKYA of Tamil politics. It was he who promised Rice for a mere 2 rs , Gas stoves and Gas connections for those who still do not have the connection, Television sets for all homes and the waiver of all agricultural loans extended via the co operative banks.  This happened way back in the year 2006. By the time the MOTHER from the opposition ranks concocted her party’s answer for the freebies it was too late. A two sovereign gold offer was not enough to attract or say corrupt the mind of public. The result was evident. The CHANAKYA and his party won the elections hands down. And then came the surprise of them all. They walked their talk. They implemented all the promised offers claimed by them during the campaign season ! This however comes with a cost to the exchequer. An average citizen has always wondered how did they pulled it off with considerable ease ??

The state goes to poll on April 13 2011. Well aware of the tactics of CHANAKYA , the MOTHER this time has played her cards right. These are the goodies offered by her if the public allowed her reign in Tamil Nadu. Free 20 kg rice per month, Laptops for all students across Tamil Nadu who have opted for engineering and other related courses, a ceiling fan, a mixer and a grinder, 4 grams of gold for free in the form of THIRUMANGALYAM a term associated with the marriage, Free bus pass for the senior citizens, four goats for the rural families, one cow each for the rural families and 3 cents of land for those who are below the poverty line.

The CHANAKYA’S  camp did not go through  a quake when this news reached their ears. They came up with their own offerings to the public. This time there is a striking similarity though to their opponents. They too are offering the laptops for students, the mixer and the grinder. Free rice too is on offer though they are offering 35 kgs exclusively for the BPL families. They would continue the schemes enacted by them when they came to power i.e. the Free color television and the rice for one rupee. And to top it all they are providing an insurance if in case of a natural disaster.

It remains to be seen who emerges triumphant in this election. But one thing is for sure ! Whoever is it the middle is going to benefit since every good thing is raining down on them ! Hey if you want to lead a good life come and stay down south !!!


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