A stroll in the park ! hmm not really !

Time – 6:15 am. Frustrated , I truncated my alliance with internet and set out to fill my lungs with fresh air ! In the name of morning walk I was strolling through the pavement and was dragged by a power within to walk towards an unknown territory ! I ve went past it more than a million times in three years but never set foot inside the play GROUND even once ! The THIRU VI KA NAGAR ground was beckoning me ! Subsiding my deja vu moment, I walked in, cajoled the men to try my hands at badmintion ! I was in the turf the next moment. Cries of ” Cokkie, you are holding a racquet, not the mouse ! Hold it firmly” filled the air. They are aware of the fact that I belong to the tribe of INSOMNIACS or the Call center culture in the city ! Ironically , these humiliating observations came from those rookies who before half a dozen years had a nightmare seeing me at the other end. When spotlight was not on me , I vacated the premise and finally played some quality football !! Yeah with a kid ofcourse ! I m a mere shadow of my own past !! But it was fun !! Revisiting our old hunting grounds where we had duels against archrivals , where we scripted our own happy endings to matches !! Its all good !!


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