Subtle changes in IPL 4 telecast !

The IPL version 4 has shrugged off its alliance with Modi and is up and running with two brand new entrants namely THE KOCHI TUSKERS KERALA and THE PUNE WARRIORS INDIA. Sony Max with whom the telecasting rights rest too has chipped in with certain subtle changes. This is what I loved the most ! (I love the Cheer girls above everything ! These are things which I notice when I take my eyes and thoughts away from them !)

The score cards – These are small boxes to the bottom left corner of the screen which displays the acronym of the batting team and the runs scored. Right below it is the number of overs consumed by them. It expands to it right to delve deep into the statistics. It displays the overs in vertical bars and the runs scored from each over, how old is the partnership and how many runs is it worth and other details pertaining to the match.

Now you might be wondering what’s so special about it ??
Well , the score card bears the color of the batting team. For instance if the Chennai Super Kings are batting , the small box will be clad in amber. Likewise Pink for Punjab KINGS XI, black for PUNE WARRIORS , red for DAREDEVILS etc. At the end of the match when the score comparisons, key bowling and batting performances are displayed you can observe the striking contrast between the two divisions. It is pretty colorful and subtle.

The Player Profile!

When a batsman comes wielding his willow , his exploits so far in the IPL comes in tow. These VITAL STATISTICS are crisply displayed to the right end of the screen. The ephemeral transparent cylinder carries the message across effectively. Right on top is the beaming face of the batsman. What ensues is his credentials such as how old is he in the tournament, how many runs has emanated from his blade, how good is he at hitting the ball consistently , how brutal is he when it comes to sending the ball out of the park and finally his greatest exploit !

The Dud !
To the bottom right corner of the LCD you will , out of the blue spot a single or a double digit number popping up. This is distracting and pretty much unwarranted. Apparently for the reason that it consumes viewer’s attention and space on the television.

Now , Why did I say that it is dud ?
First, If you take a look at it you would be baffled as to why it is appearing there.

Second – By the time you realize that it is the score of the batsman in the middle or the figures of the bowler or the number of matches or catches consumed by a cricketer , it disappears. Ephemeral !!

Third – Since the numbers share a considerable space , the additional information tends to elude the viewer. And moreover the words revolve around the bottom of the number. By the time you tend to catch the word , it disappears !!

IPL has just kicked off , will come back with more such minute details !


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